学校教学项目与ICT 教学资源制作 School Project & ICT Resources Development
1. 电子书制作(学生作文集或其他作品)
eBook Development (Pupil Composition / Other Learning Material)
学生作文集、绘本故事,各种学生作品集,或校本辅助教材电子书设计和制作。 包括华文、英文、马来文、淡米尔文。HTML5技术,在线电子书或存在U盘(USB ThumbDrive)

Compilation of Composition, Pictorial storybook or any other learning material eBook design and production. Content may be in Chinese, English, Malay or Tamil language.

eBook design based on HTML5 technology, with page flipping effect, online web access or stored and functioned with USB Thumb Drive.

2. 校本美工绘图 / 插画 / 设计
School-Based Customised Illustration Drawing & Design
道南校友会:道南童诗 2021
3. 校本活动、辅助教材、作业本印刷出版
Activity Book / Teaching Materials Printing & Publication
4. 学生作文集印刷出版
School Composition Collection Booklet Publication
根据学校出版要求,提供学生作文集定制出版。包括华文、英文、马来文、淡米尔文。 服务包括:编辑校对 封面设计 排版设计 插图绘画 印刷出版 电子书制作

Design & Create Students’ Composition Booklet and/or eBook Publication with customised Book cover design, layout design, illustration drawing, printing and finishing services based on school’s requirements. Inclusive of Chinese, English, Malay & Tamil language.

封面设计 Cover Design
内页排版 Content Layout
5. 校本绘本故事书 / 有声书制作与印刷出版
School Based Story Pictorial Books Publication
根据学校要求,定制校本品德等题材绘本故事书制作与出版。包括华文、英文、马来文、淡米尔文。 服务包括:编辑校对 封面设计 绘本卡通风格设计 插图绘画 印刷出版 电子书制作

Design & Create school based story pictorial book and/of eBook Publication with customised Book cover design, pictorial cartoon design, illustration drawing, printing and finishing services based on school’s requirements. Inclusive of Chinese, English, Malay & Tamil language.

6. 校本练习、考试绘图
Customised Illustration Drawing (For all languages)

Illustration according to teachers’ requirements for examination or other purposes.

7. 听力测验、阅读材料等华语录音
Listening Comprehension / Reading Material Audio Recording
8. 教学看板、展示海报设计 / 印刷
Noticeboard and Poster Illustration, Design & Printing
9. 多媒体教学游戏、课件、动画短片设计
Game/Animation Design

Customised Design & production of Multimedia Animated Teaching Resources.

菩提学校- 文化小学堂 光道/辅廉小学- 句子达人 SJIJ 附小- 小麦识字 静山小学- 母语电子书
10. ICT 数码资源制作
ICT Teaching Resources Development

Design and production of Digital Teaching Resources according to school’s requirement.

MOE CPDD《欢乐伙伴》数码资源 / 中学组试教课程 / CPDD CCM 课程 / 教研中心 SCCL
  • E-Com Group of Companies (here known as “E-COM”) has been committed to develop and provide educational contents, learning devices, interactive teaching and learning portal, learning management systems, animated multimedia teaching and learning materials as well as educational mobile applications and other digital media applications.
  • E-COM has a team of professionals who are highly skilled in educational content editorial, Graphic design, illustration drawing, computer artwork, animation design, digital enhancement, cartoon characterization, computer programming and database development. Since 2002, E-COM is fully in-charge of the computer artwork, publication layout design, and the development and production of the digital magazine for the three student publications for Chee Sze Poh Press- “Hao Peng You” ”Zhi Shi Hua Bao” and ”Zhi Shi Bao”.
  • For many years, E-COM cooperates closely with schools, education authorities and private sectors, such as Singapore Ministry of Education, A large number of Singapore government primary schools, Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism, Singapore Centre for Chinese Language, Confucius Institute Online / Hanban (China), East Normal University (Shanghai), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Besta/iKnow, Creative Knowledge and many more.
  • E-COM provides customized development and services for educational content, publications, digital educational materials, school teaching platforms, ICT projects and so on. Our highly specialized team, quality products, outstanding service, excellent cooperation are well recognized by our clients and partners.
  • We are familiar with the school syllabus and teaching instruction and guide, the format and structure use for teaching and examination preparation, illustration design requirements, understand the teacher's teaching requirements and flows.
  • Kindly do not hesitate to contact us at (Office) 6742 7555, email: service@ecombay.com. We will be glad to explain the detail and demo you and your department.
  • Once again, thank you for your attention.



艺通公司拥有专业的富有经验的线上线下教育内容、产品、服务,以及线上教育平台开发制作团队。多年来为众多教育机构、学校提供各种传统及电子教学项目开发制作服务,客户包括新加坡教育部、大量新加坡政府小学、新加坡国立教育学院、新加坡华文教研中心、李光耀双语基金、新加坡福建会馆、中国汉办/ 孔子学院(远程)等。专业团队、优秀品质、良好服务、愉快合作深获学校老师的好评与肯定。


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